The Uses are only limited to your imagination!

The BETTERSWITCH Switching system can be considered an energy conservation device.   for example, let's say you have a walk-in closet with a light inside. you walk inside to pick out a pair of slacks, a skirt or shirt. as you walk out, you swing the door closed behind you without thinking about it. the light is still on, and you get dressed to go about your day. when you return, you find that the light had been left on! can you imagine if you had gone on vacation? it could have been left on the entire time you were gone. Even worse, it could have caused a possible fire! if only you had installed the BETTERSWITCH Switching system. with the BETTERSWITCH Switching system, the light will automatically turn off as you close the closet door. In addition, consider the money you would save on electricity and light bulbs!